Travelling, soon?

My shopping adventure with Dad was fun, but required a big nap this afternoon. Part of it was seeing myself in the full length mirror and not recognizing my body. I took a long look and wondered what body was attached to my head and took a lot of deep breaths before showing my Dad some of the clothes that we picked out. I just focused on my face and realized that it doesn’t matter. I need to focus on my healing and this body is in transition. Plus, we had found some really cute clothes that are even comfortable. When I paid for the clothes, the cashier asked if I am travelling. I decided that I will be travelling in the months to come. I will be travelling to Maui, Alaska, and even Italy and she did not need to know that I was not actually getting on a plane, but just dreaming my dreams.


One Response to “Travelling, soon?”

  1. Susan Says:

    Glad u found sone cute things! Don’t forget to put hot and humid Houston on your list! Your nephew and nieces love their Aunt Jojo! Wish I could have seen the dressing room fashion show!

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