Yoga, stretching, and shopping

Today, I met with my new physical therapist who was cute and did not have a fixation on paper towels, toilet paper, hand washing, or excessive sweating. She helped me immensely with stretches and yoga poses that I only have dreamed of doing, but actually could do a lot more than I thought with some modifications. She was so encouraging and told me that my attitude will heal me more than anything else and I am much stronger than I think. She really did make me realize that as I managed to stretch my legs and even my arms more than I had done in weeks. IT FELT GREAT!

What also helped my healing was seeing the smiles from the Canyon Vista staff, teachers, and students. The team at the book fair did such a fabulous job-not only did the fair look fantastic, but they already reached and exceeded the $10K goal! I went during 3rd grade 1st recess to meet Alex. Those 3rd grade girls know how to make a girl feel good with their very cute comments about my hair. They said that they like the “new me” and my “new look”. They even told me that I look “more fun”?!? I am sure happy about that, but what really warmed my heart was hearing our students play their instruments. I say it every year to the music teachers who make musicians out of our students. What once sounded like cats crying or strange animal sounds, now sounds like beautiful music! How do they do it? I loved spending a bit of time with Alex at the book fair, but it wasn’t enough and never seems like enough time.  For just a moment, I forgot what was happening to me until someone I barely know looked at me with those eyes and “the look” instead of the smiles and hugs, there always has to be one in the crowd, right? I am strong and stronger than you know.  You all know I fight for what I think is right on a daily basis, so you know that I WILL fight!

I am looking forward to more stretching and yoga, but going shopping this weekend with my Dad. My Dad always has excellent taste for everything and is also very honest when it comes to clothes and how they fit. I have to upgrade my wardrobe for next week. If I have to appear at the “chemo closet” at UCLA, I will need a good routine and some good clothing. Something that is comfortable, but that makes a statement. I know my Dad is the perfect person to find me my chemo clothes. That crowd is tough and I will not be happy until I get them all laughing or at least smiling!

Weather has been great! You all better get outside and enjoy the sunshine…OR ELSE!


3 Responses to “Yoga, stretching, and shopping”

  1. amy Says:

    You are so great. I am going to dig through some of my dad’s ” Chemo” shirts this weekend. There always get a reaction. They are XXLs and I used them as nightshirts when I was in junior high. I will try and get the artwork for them and make tiny Joanie size shirts. My dad always went with the brighter and bolder the better.

  2. pam Says:

    I am so sad I missed you today. I have been living at the BF with all the other hard-working gals trying to make you proud…except today I had to go do something not nearly as fun but that will fund my wallet to pay for all the books I have stashed in the hold box. I am glad you at least got to see everyone else. xoxoxo 🙂

    ps..met your dad the other day..very cute..and tall in his his black hat!!

  3. Sandra Says:

    That’s the way to go Joanie! Enjoy your shopping trip-I am sure that you and your Dad will choose something funky for you to wear! Keep smiling and tons of hugs and kisses from us all!!!!!!!

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