Upgrade to larger room?

So, I am trying to get all my appointments organized on Monday. This is the fun that I have on the phone all day and to think that I used to have conversations about kids, school, food, sales, and fun stuff. Oh, don’t get me wrong, this is fun in a strange way. I always try to ask a lot of questions to get the real scoop. So, when I talked to one of the nurses about the “chemo closet”, she knew exactly what I was talking about…I told her that the audience was very crabby there and askef if there is a VIP room or larger room. She gave me the real scoop indicating that there was another room which is much larger, but could not guarantee the “audience”. I told her since I am a newbie, could I have the crowd reviewed prior to making the appointment. She thought this was hilarious and said this was the first request she ever heard. I think that since I seem to be a VIP in all other areas of my treatment, I deserve the upgrade with the hand pick of the best people, right? I mean I have a new cute haircut and will have a new outfit that does not belong in “the closet”. So, stay tuned to see if I get an upgrade or find a coupon that entitles me to one free visit to the VIP room before end of May.


2 Responses to “Upgrade to larger room?”

  1. amy Says:

    You will be a breath of fresh air for a lot of those patients. You could pass out questionnaires to your “closet” mates.

  2. Susan Says:

    Just do the tamborine dance!

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