My Husband the Rock Star!

Some of you have not met Jim and others who know Alex can get a “picture” of how Jim is…not only has Jim been working at his job, but he has my job to do as well. I am not talking about the fact that Jim loves doing the laundry, making the bed, cleaning the kitchen and is KING of all things network in our house, he does all this normally and every day! Are you all jealous yet? He even mopped the floor this week after I complained about 5 times about my dirty feet and the dirty feet will dirty the carpet and then the major calamity will occur. (you know how I am!?) The job that I am trying to explain is my new medical organization fact finding job, medical treatment, and anything that I do not hear when we go to these doctor visits. He has taken all these job duties and has taken them seriously. He has found the latest and greatest treatment for me and even talked to doctors in the UK. He has sent emails to his co-workers and everyone he knows and does not know. He is a Rock Star and does not accept, “no” and is learning so much that one of his emails looked like he was a DOCTOR. The language was nothing I understood, but the doctors responded.  What amazes me the most is his emails when he explains with specific powerful words that I am his world and we will beat this no matter what. He is my Rock and continues to amaze me every day! I cannot believe that each day he starts again with the same momentum as the previous day and is never willing to take a break. We always laugh about Alex and his analysis paralysis, but this trait inherited from Jim has proven to be an asset to our fight. No stone left unturned, no treatment hiding from us in a different country and Jim has such strength and determination. Even though I have my moments, I cannot help but to be motivated every day!


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