Vet Appointment at UCLA?

I am the only person to have an entertaining trip to not one, but 2 doctors at UCLA today. The first was very special! I was waiting so long that I became an expert at ipad bowling? I also learned how to fish with my ipad! While being caught up with my music “dancing” in my seat, “planting and harvesting” Alex’s medieval castle game on my ipad, Jim kept telling me that he was allergic to something. I could not hear him, but noticed that his eyes were almost closed and not because he was falling asleep, but they were so puffy that he could barely open them. He asked me if I had some benadryl. I finally looked across in the waiting room and notice a lovely dog sitting and rolling over on the chair off the leash of a patient waiting for her appointment. The dog started to bark and jump and shake his lovely long hair around the waiting area. Of course, at this time Jim needed his inhaler while another patient told the office manager and the woman sitting next to me told me that the dog bites too! This dog was a pet and not a seeing eye dog. Not the best place to be in a room full of people who are recovering from surgery?! I took matters into my own hands and requested a pet free room asap. I also told them that the last ailment that I needed right now was rabies, ticks, or fleas. Jim responded that we could get a flea collar for me.  While our wait continued in our pet free room, we started making up flavors for all my ailments. It was getting a bit disgusting, but well worth the laugh. I did ask the nurse if the dog was here for a pap smear.

Back to my ipad and mp3 entertainment…all I can say is these companies need to donate this electronic type of entertainment to all patients! I was the only one with a smile on my face and tapping my feet to the music, while the rest of the room looked like they were nauseous…although they could have been?! Well, you know me, I will figure out how to improve this process after I finish a couple of months. I am all about better ways and improve this process for people to feel good!

By the way, the doctor said he loved my new haircut and he had to add that I am both beautiful inside and out!  So, next week I am back to UCLA to get some cocktail of some type to make me better than ever! I am hoping this may include some shots of rum, tequila, or even Pimm’s?

p.s. I heard that the Book Fair is beating all numbers from prior years! Way to go Book Fair Team!! I am so proud of all of you! Thanks for working so hard!


One Response to “Vet Appointment at UCLA?”

  1. amy Says:

    You are too funny. You are handling all this with such a good sense of humor. My dad would have enjoyed your posts. He used to walk into his chemo appts. painted green, saying ” Look at what this stuff has done to me !” He did it for the shock and awe factor. It was his version of performance art. If he got at least one smile from a patient in the waiting room, he was happy. He kicked the shit out of his cancer with his positive attitude and I know you will too.

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