OC Register, where is my Canyon Vista Book Fair article?

Okay, I had to vent about my latest gripe! Remember everyone, it is ALL about me! You know how I am about summer reading! So, the OC Register or even AV News could not find the time to write an article printed or even online to cover our upcoming book fair? They covered 2 other elementary schools in Aliso. I think they owe it to the other 3 elementary schools in Aliso to give us all fair representation.  Our book fair starts Monday and we finally with all the donations from celebration book club and proceeds from our book fair event in December have 7 books per student instead of the required 18 per our district. Unfortunately, at the same time we have almost 200 books that are too old for our collection including science and social studies. So, where is the article?

Second gripe about OC Register since again, I have to remind myself it is about me?! My favorite writer for the Examiner provides amazing articles about Orange County Children’s Parties (I do need the book though!) which includes critical information about where to get the best cupcake. Cupcakes are on my immediate dietary requirement before chemo begins. I moved on from Diddy Riese cookies. My next culinary adventure is the best burger in the immediate Aliso Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Laguna Beach area. Of course, no recent article on best burgers in the OC are found in the OC Register. I am not talking fast food. I am talking quality beef, great bread, and I am almost tasting it. So, you know I cannot Fedex a burger due to food safety and our last year special Salmonella adventure for Alex. I willing and able to make an adventure to seek out the burger with or without the OC Register’s help, so do any of you have a favorite?

Here is to happy burger dreams for me!


3 Responses to “OC Register, where is my Canyon Vista Book Fair article?”

  1. Alii Says:

    Haha…best burger votes…Muldoon’s Irish Pub (by Fashion Island), Houston’s (Irvine), The Counter (Irvine and LA…you get to fully customize your burger with an endless checklist of options)…and can’t make any burger list with out the Double-Double on it! (Oh, and I hear 5 Guys Burger (Carson…right off 405 on way to UCLA)is even better than In-n-Out….how could that be???


  2. amy Says:

    Husky Boy in Laguna Beach or Rubys ( Get the Super Burger)
    Chilis in Aliso Viejo

  3. Ruthie Weiss Says:

    Yeah something I know about and can help with! Best, best, best burger is at The Counter in Irvine. It is in the Woodbridge Center. You can either take 405 and exit Sand Canyon going east or take the 133 and get off at Irvine Blvd. All the meat is hormone free, no antibiotic, etc. and they have amazing sweet potatoe fries and onion rings, regular fries are perfect too. They have a long, long list of toppings and food is always good 🙂 Could I be a food critic?!

    Happy eating and big hugs to you!


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