“Map your own life.” Elizabeth Gilbert

Diddy Riese cookies purchased. Diddy Riese cookies sampled. Oh no, too much cookie for us! Alex had to (requirement) eat the Graeter’s ice cream which we had shipped from Ohio (one of my childhood favorites since the chocolate chips can be as big as a fist) because of the potential for peanut issues. We would like to avoid that since he still has asthma this morning.

We love the hematologist that we met. It is different love than my other doctor, but it is LOVE! He explained every type of chemo  that I could get, plus  I would need tests to see which would work best.  He also explained the toxicity of each one. I told him that I would like the 2 for 1 special and toxic, schmoxic, I can take it all. I may look little, but I am ready to go, go, go, and get better!  On the way to the restroom, I saw their chemo closet (patients lined up in a u-shaped arrangement). I was almost ready to do my tambourine dance for them, but they looked like a tough audience. Thursday chemo crowd looks like a challenging crowd. I am thinking the tambourine dance combined with some of my solo singing would have worked the best! If any of you have heard my singing even at the flag ceremony, it can clear out a large venue the size of the Staples center. Alex says that I must not be able to hear myself because I am completely OFF key!

The most beautiful hair arrived yesterday. Some worked perfect, but the accessorizing with the scarves did not work out so well. I was looking more like Bon Jovi or another rock star (maybe, Brett Michaels), but less like someone who worked in a Hermes store at South Coast Plaza. So, if any of you worked at Hermes or know how to tie a scarf less like a babushka and more like I live in Paris, please email me!

Also, Ciao to anyone who parlez Italiano… I would love to get some cds that help you learn Italian. I want to speak fluently when we go in summer of 2012! So, if anyone knows a good cd, please email me!

Love to all, have a great weekend-the weather looks like it is going to be fantastic!!!


2 Responses to ““Map your own life.” Elizabeth Gilbert”

  1. joan Says:

    Hi Joanie,

    I love Diddy Reese cookies! Takes me back to college days. You are going to look hot in your new hair and bandanna! You are a rock star. All positive vibes going to you as you move forward with your treatment. Let me know about your appointment with integrative medicine. I would go for the latte half caf enema with whip if I were you. (ha ha). Love you. Joan

  2. Tami Says:

    I have an entire set of “Pimsleur learn to speak Italian” Cds. I will give them to you..XO Tami

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