Isn’t every day Mother’s Day?

You all know how much I like people doing things for me. I think this falls into the almost never category. So, for me it seems that I am celebrating Motherhood every day and every night. I also seem to be celebrating myself everyday. For every nurse visit and doctor appointment, I am told that I am amazing and also reminded that I had major surgery. I know I had surgery, but mentally I still feel like I do have the same body as before the surgery. Strange, isn’t it? Of course, I do have my moments, but they are fleeting and I stay focused on the prize, a new improved “me”. All this time I have to reflect makes me appreciate more of who I have become and who I will become. I laugh when I think about my dirty socks from the kitchen floor. Yes, the floor is still dirty, but no, I will not mop the floor (yet!).

Today, while waiting for my Uncle and Aunt to arrive  (how lucky am I that they flew in for the day just to spend time with me),  I decided that I needed to send an email to the editor of an article of the Orange County Register. How could this writer not see the urgency for our school’s computer needs or better yet the urgency for our library for new books? Come on, most of you have heard me say that CVES only has 6 books per student as opposed to the district’s required 18. Reading was everything for me in elementary school and is everything to me now. I cannot just ignore the fact that our students visit the library and there simply are not enough books! So, my next crazy step while waiting was to put together some timelines and checklists for the wonderful team of our book fair which I am missing while I get my physical therapy with Grizzly Adams, so I can walk around the block soon (or else!). As Alex says, “it just isn’t as fun without you acting like a crazy Mommy at the book fair”. Crazy, a bit, but more focused on getting those books. So, if you are in the Aliso Viejo area, please attend Canyon Vista’s book fair May 17-May 21 and buy books for your child, your friends, your family. Get some great summer reading. Your money will go to a great cause!

My additional fun part of the day was visiting with my Uncle and Aunt. Alex even played a piano concert  for us even if he played most of his songs too fast, it was very fun to hear and put a giant smile on my face. I spent time talking with both my Aunt and Uncle which I really enjoyed. I had flash backs to my visits in St Louis, Boston, and Phoenix when I was a kid doing a lot of celebrating and being my usual silly self. As my Aunt said, I am still hysterical, just a bit different sense of humor or is it! My Aunt says, “it is all attitude that makes the difference”. I cannot agree more and have always believed in being positive and making the most of every day!

So, I look forward to finding out when my UCLA visits will be next week and most of all look forward to a good night of dreams! Sweet dreams to you all! Happy Mother’s Day every day!


One Response to “Isn’t every day Mother’s Day?”

  1. Sandra Says:

    Love reading your posts. I can’t imagine how much Alex has grown since we last saw him. His piano concerts must be a blast!! Hope your Mother’s Day was enjoyable and much love to you!

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