Creepy Physical Therapist!

Seriously, this guy was very creepy. Could it have been the fact that he had some OCD wiping the thermometer over and over and putting a paper towel around the blood pressure cuff? OR was it the fact that he used 1/2 a roll of paper towels in the bathroom and went to the bathroom twice during 20 minutes? He told me I had a fever, but took my temperature 3 times and my blood pressure was non existent. He was more like Yule Brynner (I think the nurse must have had him confused with someone else), but with a sweaty glow about his face-YECH! He was creeping me out so much that I could not even look at him. My Dad wanted to charge him $5 for the use of our bathroom and $1 for every paper towel! Of course, I immediately resolved that issue by calling and requesting a non sweaty, non creepy Yule Brynner  type who may seem like he knows what he is doing?! The object of this game was to get me to exit my house not to never want to leave my house. I think he should be telling me how to get to my goal of exiting my house and not me coming up with a plan.

The rest of the day was focused on organizing my appointments at UCLA. My goal was to have multiple appointments on the same day, but this requires a lot of begging and a lot of getting to know the nurses of the various doctors. You know me, by the time I ended my conversations I  knew that one nurse never has time to put on her makeup, the other nurse was sick working from home, and the other nurse took too long at lunch every day! So, Thursday is my day to start my adventure! I do like UCLA! Go Bruins!!


2 Responses to “Creepy Physical Therapist!”

  1. Kim Says:

    Always finding the silver lining! GO BRUINS!
    You have such a way with your words and you still have your humor! THIS is just ONE of many reasons why we love Joanie! Good luck and I look forward to great things coming out of your adventures! Kim xo

  2. amy Says:

    Hey girlfriend, You crack me up, All I can picture is a bald sweaty man wrapped in paper towels in your bathroom. Hopefully they were super absorbent . Thank you for keeping me up to date. I am sending positive energy to you. OX Amy

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