Cheetah by Day, Turtle by Night

Alex refers to me as Mommy Cheetah as I walk down the stairs in the morning, but at dinner calls me a snail. I prefer a turtle, but he insists that I am a snail. I am overly ambitious when it comes to my physical recovery. I almost laugh out loud when I have the thought that maybe I should wash the floors downstairs because they just don’t seem that clean?! I have had a fabulous nurse (had to beg just a bit to keep her as my daily nurse) who has children in Capo and works at Mission in Cardiac. Hopefully, none of us will need her at Mission. She is such a great nurse both in details, motivator, and skills. I am a bit concerned when I heard I may get Grizzly Adams/mountain man physical therapist to come on Monday to help me become the cheetah both day and night. I will not say anything until I see him. Based on the last blonde female therapist I had where I could say to myself, “if I just did 100 squats, maybe my butt would look like that”, I am not too optimistic about a bearded mountain man. I could be wrong!

Alex woke up this morning to say that he just did not feel “right”.  I was ready to face my day too bright and early for my family. Alex confirmed it was not the monster with puppy teeth in his stomach that was bothering him, it was just that he missed me. I can understand “mom-itis” which is a common ailment that happened to me most of yesterday and can occur to anyone! My Mom is planning for her big group of 4,000 people and has been on 14 hour conference calls daily only to see the sun setting since she has been here!  Yesterday, I had my “mom-itis” and had my Mom in my room all day by talking to me, looking at things on her laptop, asking her to read something, or just hug me and sit by the foot of my bed.  I have recovered, but now Alex had a bad case which only lasted until lunch time and then, “sorry Mom, I need to go do something outside”.

Now, I know you all have been wondering about Grandpa and his wii Fit. Well, he has not been punished at all since he folded the entire overflowing basket of laundry. He even managed to put Alex’s socks in his pile and mine in my pile (since we now have the same size). Plus, he did go to Trader Joe’s this morning to pick up milk. He is not going to have to do any more dancing wii fit aerobics in his cowboy hat, but I may have him do it just the same as it is full entertainment.

I am so ready mentally to begin this process if only my body could heal a bit faster. Of course, I have to be reminded that it has only been a couple weeks since surgery. I sent an email to my Doctor today (Saturday) and he actually called me in minutes of reading my email to say that he would take care of everything Monday to set things up for me next week. WOW! So, I may not be able and ready to see all of you great people (got to get to UCLA next week), but have to tell you how much I love the magazines, cards, lotions, potions (I smell GREAT!), and I miss all of you so much! I do have some special requests that I will need some help with that Tiffany has the information if you are available.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the magnificent Mothers out there! Being a mother is the most incredible job I have and I love being a mom. My Mom  keeps me strong and focused (just like she is!), so I believe that ANYTHING is possible! I can beat this!


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