Grandpa and his punishment: wii Fit!

Alex is enjoying spending time with Grandpa and prides himself on “Grandpa’s training”. He tells me that he can get Grandpa across the street before the 10 second warning flashes!  Unfortunately, Grandpa’s training on the wii Fit is not going as planned and Alex says that Grandpa’s punishment if he does not accomplish his list of tasks will be wii Fit aerobics. Yesterday, on the way to pick up one of my numerous medications (It is a pharmacy over here! I have even frightened my nurse who comes daily. I have a system with the 20 odd bottles even though it does not look like a system), Grandpa could not get the car key out of the ignition. Unfortunately, he had to drive back home only to have Jim pulled from a conference call to get the car out of the ignition by turning the key?! Then, came Grandpa’s driving duty of taking Alex to tennis. It was 3 minutes before tennis was going to begin that Grandpa decided his wii Fit training had exhausted him and he was unable to go down the stairs to tennis and would drop Alex off. Grandpa did not get busted for these 2 minor issues except that the night before I only had 3 hours of sleep, so let’s say I was not too happy about the car key incident and tennis, but everyone survived. UNTIL today! All you CVES parents will understand the major calamity which happened when Grandpa phoned to say that he could not find a parking spot (too far to walk) and parked in a staff spot. Oh, no you didn’t Grandpa!! I told him go into the office and report his crime asap. He informed me that he did not get arrested and got off with one bench slip for tomorrow recess. Well, here comes his major incident…Grandpa took Alex to Golden Spoon after we told him yesterday about no topping due to Alex’s peanut allergy. Not only did Grandpa take Alex to Golden Spoon, but he took him to Trader Joe’s. My Mom and I both phoned several times to tell him the babysitter was coming and not to go to Trader Joe’s. Some of you have met and know my Dad, he makes friends wherever he goes. He now has his own group of friends at Trader Joe’s and I think they had some type of secret meeting  set up at food tasting station?! (Grandpa goes to Trader Joe’s once a day). We needed him to return asap as we were now paying for a babysitter for  Grandma while she was on her 14th hour of conference calls today. This would not have been so bad except for Alex running into the house so excited screaming, “I had caramel critters!”. Oh, no! While I looked at the bag of Alex’s Epi pen/inhaler left sitting on the counter, I saw Alex’s very happy face with chocolate in each corner of his mouth and caramel on his cheeks. Caramel critters are next to the peanuts and he is never ever eaten them because of his peanut allergy. All I can say is, “wow”. So, Grandpa is doing wii Fit dance aerobics now in his cowboy hat with his black shorts for the next hour as  his punishment and that is the most entertaining dance we will ever see (besides my tambourine Club Med dance which I will be performing one day for all of you!). I hope you see me smiling as you read this because I am smiling and laughing when I think about all of the fun Grandpa episodes.  So, today when I read my doctor’s report about the color of my tissue samples, I thought more about what color is pink/tan? I think I had a blouse that color and was wearing it with a tan colored Ann Taylor suit.  It was a great day and tomorrow will be even better!


2 Responses to “Grandpa and his punishment: wii Fit!”

  1. jodi Says:

    This started my morning with a smile- it is good to find humor in every situation! Love you, “Joanie T””

  2. amy Says:

    I just peed my pants!!!

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