“Think with your whole body”-Eckart Tolle

Los Angeles roads have so many pot holes which are not idea for someone who has just had abdominal surgery. Why don’t they pave the roads like we do in Aliso? We love paving the roads every year whether they need it or not? I have always understood why Jim prefers to fly to another city rather than to drive to Los Angeles for the “day”, but today I really understood how much fun the traffic can be while trying to manipulate my Droid to find new routes that are traffic free! I know many of you want to hear the answers from my Doctor or give you a number, the stage, the plan, but all I can tell you all is that a number is just a number. I am a person who does not feel like I have cancer or look like I have cancer. I will continue to follow my mantra which is to take care of my whole self. I will also continue to take things hour by hour, day by day, and ALWAYS with laughter and always with a smile.  So, I thank you all for your understanding and know that I have the best family, the best friends, the best doctors, hope, and faith and I can do this! Keep those great emails coming and those great cards!


4 Responses to ““Think with your whole body”-Eckart Tolle”

  1. amy Says:

    Amen sista, Since I’ve been in Aliso, I think they have repaved 5 times. Not one blemish on our idyllic aliso roads. I am glad you made it back to the OC Bubble okay. LA freeways and I do not play well together. Hugs and kisses to you. Amy

  2. Diane Says:

    We will keep you laughing and stocked up with Bloody Mary’s! Can’t WAIT to see you my dear, dear friend! Sending you all my love and good, positive thoughts! xoxoxox

  3. Tami Says:

    Missed you so much this morning at the Volunteer breakfast. Talked a long time about Science at school and I am soo happy to have had 10 minutes to talk to Alii G. We are soo lucky to have her mom leading our teachers to a new Science program (hopefully). XO

  4. Sandra Says:

    Joanie, I am thinking and praying for you every day! Keep your spirits up and stay strong. Big hugs and kisses! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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