I’m back…well, for at least an hour!

So, I started my day by phoning my home health care nurse company to request another nurse and ask for some consistency and reliability. If there is one thing I learned about all this healthcare “stuff”,  you have to be your own advocate. When you don’t have a voice, you must have family make the team effort for you to be heard! My cousin Jamie took a lot of time to explain in details the hierarchy of hospitals, nurse care, compliance checklists, doctor care and more! I am so lucky that he is an expert! He explained everything I needed to know at great length prior to my surgery and without this valuable information, I would have been “poisoned” (seriously) or had a different outcome. My team was geared up, but things cannot be avoided. There always has to be ONE. You know, the “Debby Downer of Nursing care” or a person who used to be a meat packer and now is a nurse? So, my problem with home health care was solved by 10am.  I phoned the hospital’s patient affair’s to explain my “butcher/meat packer” nurse encounter which happened in pre-op.  Hospital will address this and takes this very seriously, resolved by 10:30am. (Thank goodness since I had to explain with great details that my right hand is still swollen from the “stabbing” inflicted by the meat packer. ) The extra fun came when my insurance called to check if I was: stressed, anxious, or scared? I had to tell them that after my “run” around my neighborhood with this glorious California weather, I could only be hopeful, thankful, and happy. Little did they know that I only “ran” to the 5 houses down the street and it took 45 minutes?! I “raced” my Dad and won?? I think he let me win like the good ole’ days? So, by noon I was exhausted and ready for a nap before Alex came home. We have a busy day back to UCLA tomorrow, so my “running” is over for today.


2 Responses to “I’m back…well, for at least an hour!”

  1. amy Says:

    Hey girlfriend, The home healthcare pool is not so fabulous. Meat packer nurse sounds wonderful. My grandmother has had some doozies. My favorite was the one who was addicted to online gaming. I am glad you got out today and got some fresh air. Love you lots, Amy

  2. Tami Says:

    Saw your Dad at pick up today waiting patiently for Alex in the office. I can say that one good thing coming from this is that Alex gets to spend time with grandparents. He will always remember it.. I wish I got to spend even one day with my grandparents, but never did! Hey its going to be another gorgeous day tomorrow..

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