Running the Marathon with my Nurse?

So, it would have been nice if my Sunday Nurse used her phone to call me and let me know that she was “running” late due to the marathon? I had every intention of today being my big day to “run”, okay I was hoping to walk even if up and down the stairs. Of course, I had to phone the 800 number and pretend that my day was over if she did not get here soon. How dare these people “stress” me out? I am sure to get a follow up “safety call” tomorrow, but hey, I was on the mission of wanting to walk TODAY. So, the nurse finally arrived and my family welcomed her with silence and please “wait”. Alex finally asked why we were not all talking. My Mom said we were all upset that this nurse made us wait all day and was many hours late. Alex said, “I understand, but why are WE not talking to each other?”. Yes, the silence was broken, but after the long wait, I had to take a nap after the whole ordeal. There is always tomorrow, right? Of course, my family is looking at me with those eyes of concern, but I am not concerned as I always set the bar high and am overly ambitious every day. Tomorrow will be the start of my “marathon”.


One Response to “Running the Marathon with my Nurse?”

  1. Teri Pay Says:


    It sounds like you are doing well and keeping your spirits high. I’m sure you will get to run your marathon today. I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you. Keep smiling. Love, Teri

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