Showers, Shots, Scars and Sandwiches!

Not in that order, but who knew a sandwich (whole grain bread, organic meat, organic tomato) could taste so good? Who knew shots could be given so good and so bad? I have one leg black and blue and the other leg polka dot purple.  The nurses that visit are so fantastic, understanding, and are the best cheerleaders I ever met! Did I tell you how art plays an important part in surgery? When I heard Daniel Pink talk about the importance of art training and surgeons, who knew that I could benefit from such an artist? Every nurse, doctor, intern, resident, and med student look at my scar with a jaw dropping, “Geez, that is beautiful”.  My surgeon is an incredible person and now renown artist among all those who look at these types of scars daily. Can I tell you about showering?  Having a low grade fever daily as a fun additional activity, I find that the shower is my only relief.  (even though I have some fear about “ruining” this great new tattoo)  Each day I start like Super Saver out of the gates of the Kentucky Derby, but towards 5pm I am down for the count like a boxer just holding onto the ring. I focus on my One Fun Thing every day which is often a sandwich, sunshine, shower, or simply a lovely email or card from one of you.  With each day, I focus on healthy eating with my Doctor prescribed diet and gaining strength. I want to thank all of you for respecting my needs and understanding me. Love to you all.


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