Life is not about “why me, ” but “try me.” Bernie Siegel

I almost slept a whole night! It must have been the magic of the giant delicious apple I ate?!  While my Mom has been attempting to answer her 400 emails, I have made numerous requests for pillows, snacks, and her opinion on all things big and small. I love my Mom! My Dad (I mean Grandpa tutor) has the ability to say something in his deep serious voice to grab a child’s attention(flashbacks to myself at 4)  and Alex actually listens to him! My Dad is amazing!  Today, I look forward to shampooing my hair (yes, it is a little greasy) and getting more rest. I am not so good about the relaxation, but of course, there are pills for that, right?!


One Response to “Life is not about “why me, ” but “try me.” Bernie Siegel”

  1. Tami Says:

    Great news! Yes, most definitely take the pills and need the rest! You can do a one minute meditation and just feel all our prayers and good vibrations traveling through the universe to you to heal you. XO

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