“Guard your good mood.” — Meryl Streep

I AM the morning person in my house! I started this morning by playing Alex’s favorite dance music and proceeded to get both Alex and Jim dancing. Some of you have heard my Club Med stories when I worked in Mexico, Bermuda, Tahiti, Florida and Turks & Caicos. Some of you have heard of my special “nude” stories from Tahiti of people who SHOULD be wearing clothes. Some of you may have been witness to my famous Club Med (professionally trained South American dancer) tambourine dance that I was required to perform. This morning, I was so lucky to find a tambourine and performed this dance with my tongue hanging out for extreme focus as well as not to injure myself before tomorrow. Alex and Jim laughed so hard! I promised to show Alex when I am better to train him on this highly sophisticated “dangerous” tambourine dance.  Off to my packing!


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