Tasty and Terrific Trio

Yesterday, I enjoyed a great spa pedicure at the Renaissance. I never knew that the spa was very similar inside to Burke Williams, since I usually walk by the spa! My toes are a purple color, but not too purple. I had some great assistance yesterday and without the help, I don’t know if I could have made a decision! I knew I made the right decision when Alex said, “oooh, that is a weird purple!”. I am hoping there will be a nurse in the operating room who will see my pretty purple toes and think, please make her incision nice and pretty and keep everything else inside nice and pretty?!

Last night, we had a pre-birthday celebration at Roy’s in Newport. It was the first meal that I actually tasted! We all enjoyed our meal and the fun birthday confetti all over the table, plus special birthday menu! Something I did not know about…the keiki club! After completing a form, your birthday child (under 12) can have a FREE birthday meal for up to 3 guests. Now, you all know that I am a skimmer, so it may have said that you need to spend over $200. (It did sound good?!) We have been getting ourselves organized cleaning, fixing (Jim is fixing the bathroom, so my parents can have a descent shower!), making lists of lists of lists. I am trying to get everything done and I think I have enough time to get “it” done!

Alex’s “belly monster with puppy teeth” has stopped biting him for now, but he asked me how he can stop the biting monster. I gave him a lot of suggestions and some made him laugh especially taking a deep breath. He said, “Mommy, I always breathe, so THAT is NOT going to help!”.


One Response to “Tasty and Terrific Trio”

  1. Susan Shulman Rosecrans Says:

    SEnding lots of love and hugs and a squeeze of my hand for the 22nd!

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