VIP Services! Upgraded!

Who would think that having my surgery would entitle me to a free upgrade of so many luxurious VIP services? My insurance called to inform me of those special added features of my benefits which is actually called, “VIP Life Services”. I am not sure I get the warm baked cookies that they serve on the airlines or the wide bodied seats, but I was informed that the surgery center is new since the summer with flat screen tv and the room could hold 3 hospital beds, but has 1 and a sofa bed for any of my family members who want to have no sleep with nurses checking vitals every 4 seconds. They also had to verify in way too much detail of what I was going to have done to make sure I understood. Our insurance system is so delightful as if I had better plans and would choose to have surgery?  One insurance person from the so called, VIP department kept saying I was anxious when I just wanted her to stop reading her script and just fax me the form and tell me her fax number.  I almost wanted to say, “are you feeling bored at your job, is life getting you down sitting in a cube with no windows, is it difficult for you to talk about the details of my surgery because this is not difficult for me and my time is precious.” I wanted to suggest a few books for her to read and some vitamin supplements, but instead I told her I was ready for my 4 mile run, so could she give me the number and I will fax her the form.  I am a true VIP to my doctor who called tonight at 7pm to review the questions we had sent him via fax and email. He had been in surgery all day and apologized for not calling us sooner. He is my VIP and both Jim and I love him.


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