Joy of Pharmacology?

You know that one glass of wine can put me to sleep and even anything more than Tylenol can cause me to sleep for days. Well, I am now trying a new drug to sleep, since the Xanax was providing no help to my sleep. My Doctor said I could take two, but I was afraid. So, here I am bright eyed at 4am! I feel like that Saturday Night Live sketch with the lady who was trying to refill her prescription of Xanax, Percocet, Vicodin and more and had painted on crooked eye brows and lipstick under her nose.  If you have never seen it, it isn’t pretty! I have had each morning start around 6am with calls from our insurance and during the day with doctor’s office. We spend our day faxing and sending emails hoping we don’t accidentally copy my medical files to a random person on my email list. Plus, Jim is trying to work which is even more special as he usually is out of town giving presentations. Now, he has been conducting his conference calls and presentations at home with me interrupting every 20 minutes to ask him if he received a response. It is good to keep busy, but I need to get myself organized with lists of lists of lists for my parents who will come next week.  I appreciate all your hugs, prayers, and especially those who keep me laughing and smiling.  My husband is incredible! Last night, not only did he pick up my new sleep drugs which did not work (okay, they worked for 4 hours), but he came home with an appointment for me this weekend for a fancy pedicure at the Renaissance. He and I laughed about how good my feet will look during surgery. Plus, I have my Mom and sister on assignment with a robe purchase for me since I already exposed half of UCLA to the sight of my “tush” not even thinking about it. I love you all! I will see some of you at the Jog a Thon and would love a hug, but no tears please. I am strong and I can do this with all of you with me!


2 Responses to “Joy of Pharmacology?”

  1. Tami Says:

    Darn it, I did not see you today at Jogathon..but, I am with you..taking my mom to UCLA on April 23 for her herniated disks and hip fracture. Keep blogging. XOXO

  2. Alex Says:

    we will keep you in our prayers. i will make sure things run smoothly at the library, not to worry. You get better and come back to us, we (canyon vista family) need you.

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