Prada Shoes?

I know this made you smile. I certainly was more focused on the Doctor’s leopard Prada shoes at my Cedar’s appointment than I was listening. I only know they were Prada because my cousin told me she thought they were. They were the coolest shoes I have ever seen. My cousin asked me if I saw her necklace, but I was really focused on those shoes!  Getting up at 4:30am was not fun, but we have answers and a plan. I met with Dr Eisner at UCLA who will be performing my surgery on next Thurs, April 22nd. He said, “curable” and that is all I needed to hear. I will be at the Ron Reagan Surgery center at UCLA for about a week.  I am still taking one hour at a time and sometimes one minute at a time, but thinking positive. So positive that despite the potential for down the road losing my hair, I insist on getting my hair done before my surgery. I have to look cute for my audience. UCLA is a teaching hospital and you know how I love an audience. Dr Eisner said a couple of things that made me think that he was, “the one”, but the funniest thing is that not only is he fluent in Italian, but French. Alors mes amis, pense la nuit bonne pensee et de prier et de bonne. Bons reve! Good dreams for all!


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