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Life is not about “why me, ” but “try me.” Bernie Siegel

April 30, 2010

I almost slept a whole night! It must have been the magic of the giant delicious apple I ate?!  While my Mom has been attempting to answer her 400 emails, I have made numerous requests for pillows, snacks, and her opinion on all things big and small. I love my Mom! My Dad (I mean Grandpa tutor) has the ability to say something in his deep serious voice to grab a child’s attention(flashbacks to myself at 4)  and Alex actually listens to him! My Dad is amazing!  Today, I look forward to shampooing my hair (yes, it is a little greasy) and getting more rest. I am not so good about the relaxation, but of course, there are pills for that, right?!


Ocean view from my room

April 28, 2010

Sky is clear and I can see the ocean from my room! A beautiful day at UCLA.

Go Bruins! Sorry Trojan fans!

April 28, 2010

Besides my delightful room service (my mom is concerned when I told her that I packed the 7 page menu!), all doctors,residents, and even med students have been incredible! Last night, I listened to French TV and had dreams of Club Med in Tahiti and I was speaking French!? All signs point to me leaving soon. I am a good patient, but will need some home healthcare via my insurance and much more rest until I see my doctor again. I will be happy not to have my vital signs taken every 2 to 3 hours. I am feeling good and strong and really love the French toast here!

“realize the present moment is all you ever have.” eckhart tolle

April 27, 2010

Doing much better today! Real food coming this morning! No more iv…freedom! Today is a great day! Plus, the teachers are back!

What do people do without a support system?

April 26, 2010

Today, I was almost given penicillin which I am allergic to…I guess things happen. Lucky for me today that I did not take too much pain medicine.  My Mom and Jim went on “walks” with me and today was the first day that I thought about food. I almost thought about eating that fried chicken thing from KFC when I saw the commercial…you know I must  be desperate! Alex is having a fabulous time and having my cousin Margie here is beyond words! She keeps me laughing even when we think we are too tired to laugh.  I am so lucky to have such an amazing group of  family and friends. Getting more ice chips soon, wishing they were chocolate chips. love to all of you and big hugs!

Where did the day go?

April 25, 2010

My surgery seemed to go well. Who knows since I was out like a light.  The doctor said they took as much as they could see had cancer. He is a one day at a time, so I cannot tell you much. I like his approach since I have to heal my body for chemo. This process is long and painful. Today is the first day out of bed. There are some great nurses and some not so special ones, but you know me (we have names, numbers and times in hopes of someone else not experiencing the same horrible experience I did.). I am determined to get home soon, but according to my doctor, it all takes time. Jim and my parents have been amazing! My sister sent me a surprise gift of an Ipad which I am learning how to use. This is coming in handy for all my awake times, plus the zillion magazines you have sent. Alex has been super buys with Grandpa at Grandpa school Would you believe that he is loving to his homework this way?!  I look forward to be off these foggy drugs soon. I feel like Dory in Nemo every day. Miss you all!

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” William Shakespeare

April 22, 2010

Last night was not so special! Moms are amazing, right!! My Mom almost slept on my bathroom floor while I sat on the “throne” most of the night. Now, I know Oprah says no texting while driving, but toilet texting is approved by all medical experts, right?  I did manage to sleep from 11pm to 4am!  As I revise Alex’s checklist because, “Mom, you did it all wrong!”, I am ready to get dressed. I am ready to face any challenges and I will do this with my own strength, my family, the love, the prayers and my own spiritual connection. I love each and every one of you and appreciate all you have done for me and for my family. I appreciate all your continued love, support, food, messages, emails, and most especially your laughter. You know I always find laughter in every day! You should too! Most importantly today, CELEBRATE the Earth!! Try to focus less on the little “stuff” and live in the moment of today. It is a beautiful sunny earth day!

“Guard your good mood.” — Meryl Streep

April 21, 2010

I AM the morning person in my house! I started this morning by playing Alex’s favorite dance music and proceeded to get both Alex and Jim dancing. Some of you have heard my Club Med stories when I worked in Mexico, Bermuda, Tahiti, Florida and Turks & Caicos. Some of you have heard of my special “nude” stories from Tahiti of people who SHOULD be wearing clothes. Some of you may have been witness to my famous Club Med (professionally trained South American dancer) tambourine dance that I was required to perform. This morning, I was so lucky to find a tambourine and performed this dance with my tongue hanging out for extreme focus as well as not to injure myself before tomorrow. Alex and Jim laughed so hard! I promised to show Alex when I am better to train him on this highly sophisticated “dangerous” tambourine dance.  Off to my packing!

“The more you focus on words that uplift you, the more you embody the ideas contained in those words.” Oprah

April 21, 2010

What a day! It was one of the best ones I have had in weeks! Besides having beautiful straight hair and lots of love around me all day, I managed to enjoy my lunch , laugh a lot, buy some new makeup, and try on some very comfy lounge clothes! The most special part of my day was when I decided to take Jim’s wallet and put it in my purse. He had to break into Alex top secret digital bank and crack Alex’s secret mathematical code! While Alex gives 1/3 of his money every quarter to charity, 1/3 to the bank, he always insists upon having cash available for “emergencies”. Well, this was one of those emergencies!  I continued my smiles when UCLA called to confirm my pre-registration information. Not only did they have me as an Engineer at Cisco, but I am now Catholic. I quickly changed that information, but thought it was a secret sign from all my Catholic friends. Dear Friends, I thank you for all your cards, calls, emails, words and prayers and I want you all to know that I am thinking about all of you and sending many hugs your way! Tomorrow will be a busy day with getting ready to go to UCLA. Much love to all! Joanie

Tasty and Terrific Trio

April 18, 2010

Yesterday, I enjoyed a great spa pedicure at the Renaissance. I never knew that the spa was very similar inside to Burke Williams, since I usually walk by the spa! My toes are a purple color, but not too purple. I had some great assistance yesterday and without the help, I don’t know if I could have made a decision! I knew I made the right decision when Alex said, “oooh, that is a weird purple!”. I am hoping there will be a nurse in the operating room who will see my pretty purple toes and think, please make her incision nice and pretty and keep everything else inside nice and pretty?!

Last night, we had a pre-birthday celebration at Roy’s in Newport. It was the first meal that I actually tasted! We all enjoyed our meal and the fun birthday confetti all over the table, plus special birthday menu! Something I did not know about…the keiki club! After completing a form, your birthday child (under 12) can have a FREE birthday meal for up to 3 guests. Now, you all know that I am a skimmer, so it may have said that you need to spend over $200. (It did sound good?!) We have been getting ourselves organized cleaning, fixing (Jim is fixing the bathroom, so my parents can have a descent shower!), making lists of lists of lists. I am trying to get everything done and I think I have enough time to get “it” done!

Alex’s “belly monster with puppy teeth” has stopped biting him for now, but he asked me how he can stop the biting monster. I gave him a lot of suggestions and some made him laugh especially taking a deep breath. He said, “Mommy, I always breathe, so THAT is NOT going to help!”.